More about elections

A day of talking about election stuff, I guess... So here comes another report, this one from Researchers: Florida Vote Fishy. This is actually a scary report about some statistical studies made comparing the counties where the vote was electronic with the counties where the vote was using the paper system. The strange results were that in the electronic counties, Bush got much more votes than in the other counties, considering all the statistical variance and all the variables such as gender, income, race, etc. If this study is proven right it won't actually change the result of the election, but it will make some heads roll... And continue to prove how ridiculous the election system is in this country.

Anyway, I finally have internet at home! For some strange reason, my internet is not working on my Linux (something very strange seems to be happening when I turn on Linux), but I can blog from home! And also work with high speed internet (although I also wasn't able to make the wireless link work - as you can see, there are lots of things that I still have to deal with).