Ah... My office is ready!

This is my first post from my "new" office! I'm so excited that I finally got it ready! I even had to do some magic to be able to get the hutch on top of the table. Imagine this: a piece of wood and glass weighting around 80lbs (40kg). I had to move it from the floor where it was lying to my table that is around 80cm from the floor. The most difficult part is that the hutch has a back panel that is very weak and a little longer than the side bars that are strong. If I try to stand it upright on the floor, the back panel would break! It was hard and painful, but I got it all done!

Besides that I think I just have to find something to eat. It's 10 pm and I haven't even thought of dinner yet. I know I don't have pretty much any food at home and I'm almost sure all restaurants are closed right now, or closing. What to do? I'll figure it out!