I'm still alive

Yes, I actually am alive... And I can't really complain much about my weekend. The only thing that didn't make me feel too good about this weekend is that I wasn't able to touch my research. My computer is in the room where my parents are sleeping right now and when we are not out, either my father is using the computer or they are asleep there. Very worrisome, I can tell you. But right now I'm back in the office. Ready for a long day ahead with many things to be done.

Today is a pretty nice day here. Blue skies, no chance of rain... The weather forecast is saying that we will have only one more day like this until they are gone, tomorrow. But weather forecast doesn't work that well here either. I thought it was just because I lived in Oklahoma, a place with pretty chaotic weather, that weather forecasting was terrible, but I'm learning that it is this way everywhere! I remember listening one day to a comedian on the radio (XM radio) and he was saying that they should put some monkeys with darts to do weather forecasting. At least this way we can always say: "But they are just monkeys" if they miss the prediction! For example, I've been seeing a snow forecast in the horizon (in 5-7 days) for more than a week already and it hasn't even come close to snowing. The interesting thing is that there was a snow forecast one day where the low temperature was 42F (~5C). How can you have snow in such high non-freezing conditions? Sure it can snow when and melt as it reaches the ground, but when it is 42, I don't think it would even reach the ground. Anyway, I'm not a snow expert, so I shouldn't really discuss this.

Back to work here.