Last one for the evening

Alright, I had to post this other ones:

New "Meme": Manly or Self-Sufficient?
Do Good Things

Those are related: lists of things you should do before you die. Lots of things there that I haven't yet done, of course. On the first lists, I can even claim I have done most of them. The final list is much more interesting though. Here is the list with my comments:

1. Found a utopian colony. - that you find every day
2. Integrate by parts. - I've done that way too many times
3. Decode the Voynich manuscript. - hehe
4. Defy gravity. - what is gravity, anyway? There is no spoon...
5. Recover lost treasure. - Treasure is such a vague word
6. Translate the pre-Socratics. - Another good thing to do on your spare time
7. Make love on the 50-yard line. - ok...?
8. Raise a pig and make sausage from it. - Can it be a dog?
9. Lead a witness. - I'll work on that
10. Outrun a bear. - I won't work on this one
11. Raise a point of order. - politics...
12. Memorize Paradise Lost. - memory?
13. Swoon. - That I don't remember...
14. Wake up in Vegas in a stranger’s house. - What happened there is a thing of the past
15. Collapse a wavefunction. - Also something that I've done way too many times
16. Run for public office. - Sorry, I can't
17. Resign in disgrace. - Hehe
18. Prove Fermat’s Last Theorem. - Can't do that, or else people will forget about poor Fermat
19. Hack into NORAD. - No comments about this one. Who knows who is reading this?
20. Problematize a binary opposition. - cool
21. Square the circle. - much more interesting
22. Kiss in anger. - huh?
23. Batten a hatch. - Sports?
24. Unscramble an egg. - Well, it's just a matter of what is an egg
25. Donate to charity. - cheap plug

Resign in disgrace... That's my next goal!