Sun, barbecue and flash face

In the end the weather forecast for yesterday was so static that I considered not very useful and quite time-consuming to enter it every day. The day was quite sunny with a high about 80˚F... Perfect barbecue weather. There were about 30-34 people here and quite a lot of food. The only thing that didn't quite work so well is that I was a little to quick on starting the charcoal grill and it ended up being a little too cold (the vegetarians/koshers were not very well fed from the grill).

Anyway, after a long night of sleep (I don't even know how many hours I slept last night... Something like 9, I think), I went around today looking for something interesting and found something that was quite intriguing to me:

Ultimate Flash Face

It's a "simple" (as a concept, quite complex implementation) flash website that allows you to create a face. So I've spent about 30 minutes trying to generate faces for people I knew from memory and... I wasn't able to! Probably it comes with the Y chromosome or something like that. Quite disappointing...

What is in for me today? Well, I have another party later in the day and some work to do. I also will try to go for a bike ride to try out my new bike, but I'm not sure this will actually happen. I don't know if I'll have time for it.