So the Amazon MP3 download store launched... So I had to go and check it out, of course! What happens when suddenly I am given a chance of quick gratification? Well, I take it! So I've been rediscovering music. Going through albums or music that I always wanted but just never had the "courage" to buy and just downloading it. It's not that expensive (I've paid so far an average of US$8 per album) and it's so easy...

Oh, don't think that I've spent a fortune. It was only about 6 albums so far. And I'm pretty happy about it. So excited that I ended up staying up until almost 2 am yesterday listening to three different versions of "...which was the son of..." by Arvo Pärt (one of which I was singing).

Anyway, music is fun. I just wished I had more time to listen to it outside being in the bus (way too noisy to enjoy) or at work (which I tried yesterday and just ended up giving me a headache instead of allowing me to concentrate better on what I wanted to do).