Seattle and weather

Seattle people are hilarious when it comes to weather. Yes, winters can be quite cloudy and rainy around here. But when we get one day of sun, it becomes the subject of conversations for many days... Last Saturday we had one of those days: sunny, even warm! Then Sunday afternoon the rain came back and that's what we are getting and will be getting for at least another week (with chance of snow and rain mix on Saturday even). But people are still talking about "the amazing weather on Saturday". Makes me laugh!

For me, Saturday was good. I did a lot of work on the garden. Got our new irrigation system up and even was able to turn on the water to see how long it takes to correctly water the beds. But I do enjoy us having the cool and rainy weather again. I'm not sure why. Maybe I just like it so that I can enjoy myself when I hear people longing for the single sunny day of the month... :)