Fun bus experience to start the day

I was running a little late today (too many things to do this morning and I was only able to do 1/3 of them) and got to the bus stop about a minute after my bus (74) was supposed to show up. Another person that takes the same bus as I do was at the stop too, so I thought I was safe. A minute after that the bus that comes after my bus (75, and does not take me to work) arrives. We ask the bus driver if our bus is late and he doesn't know and says that some buses are not running today (it's Martin Luther King day). So we take the 75 that should take us to a hub where many buses that go to downtown stop. I was convinced that my bus was a little early and that's why we both missed it.

So we get to the other stop and stand there and wait for the next bus to get to downtown. Two show up that take the slow route and I decide not to take them (the other confused person that took the 75 with me go onto one of those buses). Then, after about 10 minutes waiting the 74 shows up! It was late and not early and it takes a slower route to this hub. So I end up getting to work about 5 minutes later than usual.

With all this experience what I learned is something dangerous: I can be a little late, get the 75 and still be able to catch the 74 later in the bus line. The only trick about it is that usually the 74 is full at the time it gets to the hub (not today because of the holiday), so it's not something I would want to do every day, but good (or bad) to know that I have this option.

Oh, and you might be asking: if it's a holiday, what are you doing going to work? Well, in order to "help" businesses, the US government does not impose any holidays onto companies. So companies pick and choose what holidays to give to their employees. Amazon didn't choose MLK as one of these holidays. And it's not that unusual for this holiday to be one of the ones that are ignored by companies.