8 years in the US

This would have been a much better subject for my 400th post, huh? Well, unfortunately I'm not sure I have much insightful to talk about this one. Most of it has been the theme of this blog: "moving downstream". Just going with the flow, towards the path of least resistance. Yes, you might find a waterfall here and there. But the path seems never to really branch out. Only other paths join in and become one big way... downstream.

It's probably a little too late also to have deep thoughts about this. Lately I've been busy and stressed. Lots of things just don't seem right. Projects are just not complete, ideas flow around and don't get much attention, and new things keep piling up on top of the incomplete things.

For example, I've set up my office here. I have both my computers on, chair, but it's missing my printer, there are still some stacks of papers that I haven't figured out where I'm going to store them, things are inside my drawers, but still wrapped up. It's mostly functional, but just not finished. I have 5 email drafts that I can't seem to finish and send them to friend. Projects at work are almost at the same state. And my mind keeps trying to convince me to do something new. Probably is some escapist need to keep me away from my weaknesses.

At least I'm blogging and being able to finish my posts. So, changing subjects back to the original intent of the post, thanks US for the last 8 years. They were comfortable.