The effect of bicycles

Wally shared this interesting infograph from The Rise of Walking and Biking, which reminded me of a very interesting phenomenon that I've been observing and I thought it was interesting to share.

As summer gets underway and the weather finally starts to get better (we have a great winter here this year, but a pretty awful spring - colder and wetter than usual), I start to see more bicycle riders around. The interesting thing about bike riders is that they actually interact. They stop at traffic lights and start conversations with other bikers and some pedestrians also in the same stop.

This is much less likely to happen normally for walkers, because it's quite common that they are isolated in their own world listening to their music player. It's not very safe to ride bicycles with headphones, so people are suddenly free to interact with the world out there!

So why do I think this phenomenon is interesting? It's because it gives a different feel to the world out there to me. Suddenly the world is not just kind of passive, where most elements traveling around the city don't really interact with each other more than just making sure that they don't try to occupy the same space at the same time. There is this occasional exchange of information between those elements that makes things look much more alive.

Oh, well, maybe I'm just a little weird, that's all!