Mobile phone differences

I always find it fascinating when people analyze the numbers about how the mobile phone market it. Especially at a time when change is so fast and numbers are so easy to get (as now people surf the web with their phones, so it's easier to track who is doing what). The latest study that I found is provided by mobile ad company Jumptap, and quoted on TechCrunch:

Do You Live in An Android State or an iPhone State

There are many interesting things about the study, one of the least of them being the per-state information (as just showing colors doesn't really show the actual share in each state):

  • CTR on ads is still much greater on iPhone than anybody else. They claim it's because it's a more "premium" phone, so people click more on ads. I always thought that ads are not really income-correlated.
  • It's also interesting to see the reasonably big difference between the CTR on each brand of Android phone...

Anyway, data is always good.