2011 Gadgets - the year of Apple...

After Apple's ridiculous quarter earnings, it should come to no surprise the summary provided by gdgt on the most used gadgets of 2011:

gdgt Zeitgeist 2011

Where Apple shows impressive numbers everywhere:

  • 5/10 top gadgets launched in 2011 were Apple's
  • 5/10 top gadgets in 2011 (launched not necessarily in 2011) were Apple's
  • 2 of the top 3 mobile and desktop platforms are Apple's
  • 6/10 top Christmas gadgets
  • Finally, 8/10 trashed gadgets

Yes, gdgt's numbers are biased towards more tech-inclined higher-earning people, so they will be more Apple-biased than the average population, but it's still quite impressive. Let's see how long they will be able to continue on this roll.