Preparation for the next trip

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Brazil, I finally finished organizing (mostly) my pictures from my last "bigger" trip: to Utah to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Both very interesting in their own way (with their own red rocks): 

SmugMug Album: Utah Trip

I don't really expect to take too many pictures in Brazil, though, as it's mostly going to be around hanging out with family. Things are quite chaotic at work and I'm actually glad that I was able to take two weeks off (mostly because I planned this before things got this chaotic). And part of these two weeks is going to be Rosh Hashanah, which also limits the amount of time I'll have to hang out with friends. But hopefully I'll be able to do some if it too. What I probably won't be able to do is to be a tourist. Oh, well... Next time!