Experimenting with coffee roasting

As my birthday gift from my family, I received an automatic coffee roaster, the Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster SR 500

So I've ordered some raw coffee beans from Sweet Maria's, an internet company that seems to have a pretty good variety of raw coffee beans. I bought a couple of sample packs, as right now I don't really know what I like. Here is what I received:

Yes, you can say I have a couple of options to try, huh? On my first try, I decided to go for a coffee from El Salvador, Majahual - Tablon Tempisque, which seems to handle a reasonably large range of roasts (as I didn't really know how to control it).

The way the roaster works is pretty simple: you put the coffee inside, turn on the fan until the beans start flowing, and put the timer for 5.9 minutes on high heat. Here is what the process looks like:

And in the end you get all the husks of the coffee beans on the top

Then you wait at least 3 hours (which actually was overnight for me) and brew it in the morning

Result: over-roasted for my taste. So next time I'll reduce the time a little bit. It does change very quickly, so it's not that easy to control, but hopefully with more experience I'll be able to get a better roast.