The week is going by and I'm not writing much, just for a change. It's difficult to write when you really don't have anything exciting going on, and not even time to think of anything interesting to share. I've been just scratching my head with problems at work (things I have to solve, not really conflicts with anybody or anything), and getting home to work on my research and clean my place to receive my parents and my sister.

Today was a kind of special day, actually. It is my grandmother's birthday and they were having a pretty big party. My day was pretty busy, but I did remember to call! The problem is that my call didn't get through and I wasn't able to talk with her and wish her a happy birthday. I feel like a bad grandson right now. I'll try to call her again tomorrow and see if I'll have more luck. One day late is not too bad, is it?

Oh, well, I guess that's all I had to tell. I'll go and make myself something to eat and then come back to my research. It's getting cold outside, just before my parents arrive! They are lucky, huh?