Movember time

This year I decided to stretch my comfort zone for a good cause. I'm doing Movember , What does that mean, you might ask. A few of things:

  1. I'm trying to raise awareness to men's health issues.
  2. I'm trying to help to raise money to support research and programs around men's health issues. 
  3. I'm growing a mustache!

What do I look like with a mustache? Well, that's an interesting question... I'll be posting pictures as it develops. One of the things is that you are not supposed to start growing the mustache until Movember starts. Being the third day of the month, it means that it's not that "in your face" yet. But here is a first picture. Be scared! :-)

Movember day 3

Movember day 3

Anyway, if you want to help the cause and donate, my donation page is: 

And I'm open for suggestions of what to do with my mustache. Whoever donates (even if it's just $1) can post a vote (in the comments on the above page) on where I should go with it. Note that I don't have that much time to grow crazy things like handlebar mustaches, so I don't even go there. And Amy will always have the ability to veto whatever is suggested.